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 Ольга Николаевна Ляшевская      
 Olga Lashevskaja 
 Olga Lyashevskaya 
 Olga Laszewska 

Faculty of philology
National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow


Vinogradov Institute of Russian Language
Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow)
Senior researcher
Ph.D. (

Research interests:

Lexical and grammatical semantics
            cognitive semantics, construction grammar, grammatical category of number, space & grammar, lexical classifications
Corpus linguistics
            Russian National Corpus
                        semantic annotation, morphological annotation, multi-word expressions, construction annotation, word-formation, quantitative methods
            Frequency Dictionary of Russian, Grammatical Dictionary of New Words and other experimental RNC-based dictionaries, Russian FrameBank
Computational linguistics
            morphosyntactic, lexical-semantic and syntactic tagging, extracting constructions, word-sense disambiguation, RU-EVAL (Russian parsers evaluation)
Russian language


Russian (mother tongue), English, Polish, Norwegian

My publications and CV

Address: Work Home
in Russia National Research University Higher School of Economics
Faculty of philology
Khitrovsky per. 2/8, build. 5
109028 Moscow Russia
(yandex maps: metro «Kitay-gorod»)
Faculty of philology office phones: (495) 772-95-90 *2417, *2418
Fax (495) 772-95-90 *2793
HSE main building
ul. Myasnitskaya, 20
101000, Moscow Russia
(yandex maps: metro «Lubyanka», «Kitay-gorod»)

Vinogradov Institute of Russian Language RAS,
Department of corpus linguistics and linguistic poetics
Volkhonka str. 18/2
125190 Moscow
(yandex maps: metro «Kropotkinskaya»)
Krupskoj str.
119331 Moscow, Russia
Phone (+7 495) 695 26 60 (+7 499) 138 55 21
Fax (+7 495) 695 26 03
E-mail six letters olesar followed by
WWW   LiveJournal   Skype   ICQ  

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